Look at him, he is so happy with himself.

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Oh goodness, this makes me miss New York so much more.

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Here are some dogs enjoying Popsicles. 

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Yoga poses with a twist!

poses with a twist in your yoga routine has a number of health benefits, among others detox because as you twist you will cut off blood supply to your digestive organs, and then re-introduce fresh blood to your abdominal organs when you release your twist.

It also helps a lot when dealing with stress or anxiety as the shoulders and chest are opened, releasing tension and feelings of anxiousness. Twists create an opening in the spine which helps you maintain a normal spinal rotation which can also help you reduce back pain. 

So all in all there are only good things to be gained from integrating twists in your practice. Especially the ones integrating balance at the same time. Remember to warm up sufficiently and always be safe and listen to your body.

Lots of love & light


DIY time! Make a tassel necklace to finish off your boho looks. 



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Anonymous asked: I'm fairly new to yoga, I started trying it out about a year ago, but I'm kind of at a plateau. I'm doing the same moves all the time and I was just wondering could you recommend any videos to watch it would be really appreciated. thanks so much, have a good stay and stay positive (:


Hey! So usually when I hit my plateaus, going to a yoga class REALLY helps me but if that’s not accessible to you try Eliza Coolsma on YouTube. She has really wonderful, calming flows. 

I also love Tara Stiles, Yoga With Adriene, and Ali Kamenova <3 

Hope this helps! 


Off to NYC!!!😍✨💜

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Funky Chopasana. A really interesting variation that requires balance and core engagement! :)